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Overnight Newborn Care

As a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) I offer a variety of services to help parents transition and educate you on all things infant care. Below are a list of services I offer as an NCS. 


Overnight Newborn Care Specialist

Mother and Baby

Overnight care is offered for 8-12 hours per night Monday – Thursday. This services includes feeding, changing, sleep conditioning, baby related cleaning and education for parents and can be customized for your needs.

24/5 care is around the clock care with a 4 hour break for sleep each day and is offered Monday-Friday.

At this time weekend care is only available as a one-off situation and not for ongoing care.

Available for in-home overnight newborn care in Los Angeles and Ventura County

In Home SleepTraining

In-home sleep training will include hands-on training for nap and bedtime routines, overnight support, and a written sleep plan with daytime adjustments as needed. Follow-up texting is available for purchase as well.

Available for in-home sleep training in Los Angeles and Ventura County

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A virtual consult will include an in-depth look at your daily schedule, a written sleep plan and adjustments to your daily schedule, and follow-up texting for 2 weeks to answer any questions.

Virtual Consultations Available Worldwide

Click here to see the FAQ for all the things an NCS can help you with.



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Lets Connect 

Phone: ‪(661) 513-3343‬

Sleep Training
Virtual Sleep
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