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My Newborn Specialist 

Educating parents and setting healthy infant routines in 

Northern Los Angeles County
Parts of Ventura County and the surrounding area


Are you having your first baby and don’t know what to expect? Have you already been through the newborn stage once and don’t know how you are going to manage this time around with a toddler and a newborn?

Do you remember those sleepless nights and wish you had someone there to help out so you could rest and recover from the birthing process? I am here to help! I offer overnight care in the first 3-4 months of life. I will help you set a healthy routine, care for baby while you sleep, and answer any questions I can for you or point you in the right direction if I do not have the answer for you. When my routine is followed babies typically will be ready to sleep through the night by 8-10 weeks old.


Is your baby 4 months or older and not sleeping through the night? I can help with that as well! I offer virtual and in-home sleep training. I can help get your child sleeping through the night using a custom tailored sleep plan for your family’s needs using a variety of different methods so that you are comfortable with the process.

What Our Visitors Say 

This is a reference letter for Brandy Riggs. Brandy has been supporting us since early July 2021, in caring for our now 13 week old son.

The process for finding a nanny, specifically a Newborn Care Specialist, can seem daunting(especially in Los Angeles!) and it can also be a big emotional step. Finding someone who can help make this process easier provides a huge exhale and we were able to find that with Brandy.

First and foremost, her clear, organized communication style was very welcome – especially in those early weeks when lack of sleep and “mom brain” are most apparent. This made the process of gathering information, interviewing, and subsequently coordinating hiring and training a breeze.

What became the deciding factor in hiring Brandy was not her qualifications on paper, or the glowing references (and they truly were glowing!), but how she handled Sebastien (our little one), at the time just over 7 weeks, and how he took to her! Ease and comfortability in handling your little one, working with your households rhythm/values/style and good instincts demonstrated by Brandy has allowed for trust to start from the get go which is so crucial! Brandy is flexible, prompt, reliable and knowledgeable. We are excited to keep building our relationship with her, especially as Sebastien grows – forming his own bonds/relationships and crushing developmental milestones daily – and witnessing Brandy’s role in all of this.


Educating parents and setting healthy infant routines in Northern Los Angeles County and parts of Ventura County.

Phone: (913) 620-3538‬
Virtual Consultations Available Worldwide

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